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Contributing to cost reduction of the entire working site and generate profits.

Reason of reduction in costs

01Compared with conventional frames, the working space is wider, the floor height is higher, the travel is easier, so there is a high level of safety, shortening working and traveling time.

02The number of base brackets for scaffolding can be reduced.

The TM system has a distance between the main post of the scaffolding is 1829 mm. If you cover a wall of the same length, you can reduce the quantity of lateral base brackets.

If a Vietnamese standard framework scaffold has 23 spans, The TM system will has just 20 spans and less than 3 base brackets.

In addition, the TM System can be assembled over 30m at a time. Therefore, for buildings of the same height, the number of vertical base brackets can also be reduced.

03One set can cover more 27% larger area

Since 1 set of TM System has dimensions of W 1829 x H1900, it can cover an area 27% larger than one set of Vietnamese standard framework scaffolding.


01Improving workability due to the generous width and height

The width is 1129mm and the height is 1900 mm, you can walk without bending down and enhance workability.

02It is possible to install the handrail of the upper step while working on the lower step.

When you are in lower scaffold floor, you can install the handrail of the upper scaffold floor, so when you go upstairs, you can hang the safety belt hook to existing handrail, preventing you from falling.

03With assemble and dismantle even more safely and quickly by major assembling and major dismantling.

04Compact packing

With the same quantity of 50 pcs, the conventional frame scaffolding accounts for a volume of 3.25 ㎥, while the total volume of main post and handrail of TM System accounts for only 1,076.

Save over 64% space compared to conventional frame scaffolding, thus reducing storage and transportation costs.

05Economic efficiency when sharing parts

Bringing high economic efficiency because the same materials can be used for external scaffolding and the shoring scaffloding.

  • Japanese Factory in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotel Construction in Ninh Binh Province
  • Commercial Center in Ninh Binh Province
  • Commercial Center in Ninh Binh Province

06Specialized scaffolding can be installed to going up and down to suit the requirements of the construction site.

We can build staircase part that matched with the scale of the construction site.


Full flat steel cat walk panel and fall-prevention steel toe board can be provided if requested.

08Load capacity test

The load capacity test was conducted at the test tower in our factory, with scaffolding assembled in accordance with Japanese standards and in the presence of the state accrediting agencies

09TM System Scaffolding Introduction Video