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Concrete Mixer NEX Series

Twin-shaft compulsory mixer

Main features

• Super High Quality Homogeneous mixing

Save cement cost !

• Speedy mixing and prompt discharge

Achieve more production !

• Driving device

• Reliable sealing

• Low maintenance cost

01Super High Quality Homogeneous Mixing

A combination of vertical counter flow and horizontal eddy-flow created by unique mixing blades and double (3m3 mixer) side arms create powerful circulation inside mixing tank.

02Speedy mixing and prompt discharge

03Driving device

        • Double motors     • Install and remove easily

        • Compact design      • Heavy duty planetary gear reducers

04Sealed bearing is a life of the Twin-Shaft Mixer

• Adjusting a sealed bearing isn’t necessary at all.

• The same system as the surrounded parts of a heavy industrial machine reg.

• You have only to supply grease one time a day after washing! This is always necessary.

05Designed to consider maintenance

Beveled edges at the Lozenge tile joints reduce uneven wear by 20% to 30% compare to previous square design.

  • 06Side liner is EASY remove & install !

    07KYC NEX series Twin-shaft compulsory mixer