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TM System
Tactical Massive System

Modular scaffold
The TM system is a new generation scaffolding system developed and evolved by KYC Group for faster and safer assembly and dismantling than conventional frame scaffolding ever.
Due to the high speed of assembly and dismantling, with the same number of workers, TM System can be assembled and dismantled faster more than 40% than frame scaffolding. In other words, with the same construction area of conventional frame scaffolding, TM system uses less labor so contribute to reduce the cost.
The TM System has many parts can be used for both the external and the shoring scaffold, so there is no need to have separate the specialized parts for each external and the shoring scaffold. Therefore, this can reduce the total amount to own. Moreover, this system has compact packing since there are many parts with cylindrical tube shape so that the storage area is only half the area of the frame scaffolding. This system has high-quality construction accuracy and excellent durability, can be used for a long time, and brings high economic efficiency.
KYC Vietnam will always improve to enhance the safety and economic efficiency of construction sites in Vietnam and ASEAN countries with TM System, reduce accidents caused by scaffolding and contribute to happiness for many people.